To give you a better understanding of what we do at Task we've published a large amount of our knowledge and experience for you to read. Our technical articles give a detailed look at our work in real life situations. We've included some frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms and references to answer any questions you might have. For further information you can contact us at


If you would like to increase your general knowledge of borehole image analysis, or find out more about a specific aspect of this science, we have assembled a bibliography to help you on your way.

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Our glossary contains detailed descriptions and example images of the terms that appear on this website and in geoscience in general, all of which can be easily searched and filtered.

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Technical Articles

Our team have produced a number of technical articles for various publications which give a detailed insight into the work we do and the experience we've gathered doing it. They include in-depth information on palaeotransport analysis, azimuthal density logging and deep water borehole imaging.

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Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Get any questions you have about Task and about geoscience in general answered. Or ask us directly at

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