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Task People

Task Geoscience operates from three locations. Our offices offer 24 hour coverage; wherever you are in the world, we have the capability to support you. We work as a tightly knit team on projects all over the world. Here are just a few members of that team...

Lawrence Bourke, Managing Director/Sedimentologist

Lawrence has a B.Sc. in Geology/Physical Geography from Strathclyde University and an M.Sc. in Sedimentology from the University of Reading. Lawrence started as a sedimentologist at Paleoservices, Watford in 1980, including a two-year secondment to North Sea Sun Oil as a Field Development Geologist. He worked in geological applications development at Schlumberger in Aberdeen from 1985-1992 working on the field introduction of the Geochemical Logging Tool, and then moved onto the applications development of various borehole imaging tools as they were introduced in the late 80s.

At Z&S Geology Ltd he gradually moved from a technical to management role until the group was sold in 1998. At Baker Atlas he held the position of Europe Africa Geoscience Manager from mid 1998 to mid 2001 and latterly at Baker was Technical Director of Advanced Interpretation.

In August 2001 he co founded Task Geoscience Limited with Stuart Buck and Rod McGarva. Lawrence tries to spend any spare time rowing or sailing.

Dr. Stuart Buck, Director/Sedimentologist

Stuart is a geologist with over twenty years of applied experience in the petroleum and mining industries. He holds a B.Sc in geology from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and M.Sc and Ph.D. degrees in sedimentology from the University of Reading. Stuart’s doctoral research was of Cretaceous shallow marine sediments in which he investigated tidal sedimentary structures and associated ichnofabrics.

His initial career was in the mining industry of southern Africa where he applied sedimentology to gold, diamond and uranium deposits. He returned to the UK in the 1980’s, and has since worked in the petroleum industry. Initially he was invoved in sedimentologic and diagenetic studies of cores, but later applied these core-based skills to the interpretation of borehole images and dipmeter data. This work has steadily grown in scale and has lead to major field studies from most parts of the world. In addition to borehole imaging, Stuart is a specialist in the application of ichnofabric analysis in core studies.

Stuart was a founder member of Z&S Geology Ltd in 1992, and after merger with Western Atlas/Baker Hughes in 1998 continued as the Aberdeen Geoscience Manager. Stuart is a Director of Task Geoscience Limited.

Stuart’s free time revolves around his equestrian farm where he tries to spend as much time on his horse as his tractor.

Roddy McGarva, Sedimentologist

Following a B.Sc. in geological science from the University of Aston, Roddy worked in Saudi Arabia on exploration and deep pool tests as a well-site geologist, prior to obtaining a M.Sc. in sedimentology from Reading. Roddy was employed as a sedimentologist with Paleoservices and worked in the UK, Egypt and Jakarta. He joined Lawrence and Stuart at Schlumberger specialising in the interpretation of borehole images.

He was a founder member of Z&S Geology Ltd, where he continued to specialise in dipmeter, core, petrographic and borehole image interpretation for structural and sedimentological problems, with a particular emphasis on deep-water depositional environments. His interest in numerical applications has led him to recently complete a Diploma in Maths from the OU; he hopes to continue this avenue of study.

He rows as a veteran with Aberdeen Boat Club and dabbles in poetry...

Task is the place for me,
Where life is easy and nearly free,
With poles to great circles I quickly draw,
And use Markov chains to find out more,
Vector walkout plots chart the trend,
With a stratigraphical break on its bend,
Ignoring the painted artefacts of drillers chance,
Allowing the story to advance,
Painted glyphs mark my data set,
Like a pointillist frenzy drilled on my net,
Break the well along the seams,
Whilst in-situ stress lies in my dreams…

Task O'Saurus, Mascot

Taskosaurus is a seasoned AGA quiz veteran and company mascot. He spent much of the late Maastrictian eating his contemporaries and has many years of experience in the industry.

Taskosaurus is a close friend of Roddy McGarva, who answers his emails due to Taskosaurus' poor ability with computers.

Dr. Jeremy Prosser , Business Development Manager

Jeremy graduated from the University of Aston in Birmingham, England with a BSc in 1983, and obtained an MSc in Geological Sciences from the University of South Carolina in 1984. His Ph.D. (1988) was awarded by the University of Aston in Birmingham for work upon sedimentology and diagenesis of the UK Rotliegend. Following work as a sedimentologist for GAPS Consultants in London, Jeremy spent 5 years as a research fellow in the Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology at Aberdeen University, Scotland, before joining Z&S Geology Ltd in 1994. Jeremy transferred to Perth Australia in 1996 to manage Z&S Asia Limited, and has worked in the Asia Pacific region ever since. Whilst at Baker Atlas, Jeremy spent several years as Asia Pacific Region Geoscience Manager and subsequently as South Asia Pacific Area Sales Manager for wireline services. His interests include sedimentology, formation evaluation and borehole image analysis.

Jeremy’s spare time revolves around his family, and his favorite pastimes are fly fishing, reading and Australian wines.

John Ebbern, Sales and Marketing Manager

John has joined Task as Sales and Marketing Manager with more than 30 years experience in the oil industry, of which 15 have been in exploration for international oil companies. He holds a BSc in geology from the University of Wales, Cardiff. With Baker Atlas, John was geology co-ordinator for the international group based in London, specialising in imagelog and diplog interpretation and integration, and manager of interpretation services in Nigeria. Latterly he has worked in the seismic industry in interpretation and marketing for WesternGeco and Geotrace Technologies in Aberdeen. John’s varied background in the oil industry together with his specific knowledge in Imagelog interpretation gives him a wide understanding of the market for Task’s specialist services and the needs of their clients.